The importance of organization

It might seem like a little thing, but keeping every aspect of your business organized can be a huge time saver, which in turn saves you money! Look at your company vehicles, for example. Ensuring that everything in the van or truck is perfectly laid out and easily accessible will help technicians quickly find what they are looking for, without spending extra time rooting around a messy automobile.

At Advanced Services, we have worked hard to make sure our vans increase efficiency and productivity.

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Your vehicles’ organization is not the only thing to consider when saving time. Make sure you properly plan out the route your employees take to visit customers. The time they spend on the road is time, and money, lost.

One thought on “The importance of organization

  1. Franklin Hernandez

    first of all let me thank you for putting this b;log together to help the pest control community. Im a firm believer in being lean and investing in lean technology, having everything accessible where and when you need it to avoid time waters of digging thorough your truck. i went from a toyota tacoma to a nissan nv 200 with shelve on one side and side door shelf i can now get everything i need immediately.

    Kind Regards,

    Franklin Hernandez CPO

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