Camp BugStopper headquartersCamp BugStopper delivers a customized experience to suit the needs of PMPs. We have a system to train every aspect ​of a successful pest management operation.

  • Basic, intermediate and advanced technician
  • Technician sales
  • Administrative staff
  • Sales
  • Pest Pac initial setup and use
  • Nuisance wildlife exclusion and elimination
  • Leadership team
  • Management
  • CEO/COO/CFO training and coaching
  • Financial management for owners and top managers
  • Routing and operations

All team building sessions are led by our group of effective, experienced trainers who will guide your organization to a better, more productive future. Depending upon the size and scope of your organization, training can last anywhere from four hours to two days. The fee structure is based on the complexity of your organization, follow-through services and any necessary pre-work. Contact us today to find out what we offer, and we will design a program and schedule that meets your needs.​

All Camp BugStopper training takes place at our facilities in Augusta, Georgia. Call or email or team to discuss what kind of training you need. We will design a program and schedule that meets your needs.

(Note: The classroom is not wheelchair accessible. If you need wheelchair accessibility, you will need to plan to rent the proper kind of meeting room. Sessions cannot be done at your facilities.)