What special training is available at Camp BugStopper?


Being an owner carries with it some unique roles and responsibilities. You may want to get some “owner’s training” while at an event or you may want to buy some special 1-on-1 training time with Jeff, Dena, Bo or Justin. Ask Jeff for a plan and a quote for your needs. This starts with a free, 20-minute phone call to Jeff to determine your needs. Schedule that call by emailing

Field Technician Training

You tell us what kind of training for field work that you want to obtain, and we will set up a ride along experience with those skills on display. You, or your technician, will experience a whole or half-day of training in the field in real-life situations with one of our top people. Some examples of what we offer are:

  • Termite baiting for success.
  • Perimeter pest control.
  • How to engage customers for up-selling opportunities.
  • How to do a high quality “whole house” inspection of a residence (attic, crawl area, etc.)
  • Field training experiences: $360 for a whole day, $200 for a half-day.

Administrative Training

We have multiple ways that our administrative people can help you.

  • Pest Pac training.
  • How to set up automatic payments.
  • How to organize your most important office functions.
  • Ask for a quote for what you need to learn.
  • Deskside experiences: $75 an hour with one of our two top personnel.

Marketing and Branding Training

  • What is effective use of advertising and marketing budgets when they are tight?
  • What are the keys to your branding and image as a PMP?
  • How do you get your technicians to engage in sales opportunities?
  • How can you manage a sales person?
  • Ask for a quote for what you need to learn.